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Full text of "Linguistic Survey Of India Vol V Part I Indo Aryan Family Eastern Group"

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56                                                                 BENGALI.

Prasad       bale         Samaa                  hhayfj,                ma,       ichehhft   bay

Prowl      wys     (of-)Dcat!t      hi/-rc(tso)H>f:f^ir,   mother,   (mv-)icfoh   in

'jf-     palai         ehlmtc.
that,     1-jly       running.

Jena              antim                    kale                 Dunsja         bah"-           pran

See-that         the*laat       tame (moment) -in       7) w /•////      totyiny         life

tjaji            .labnablr          tate,

I~(may)*quit   nn-,/ahnttbi'it       banks.


Such is thy justice, my mother ! Misfortune iajlu* lot of him that repeats the name
of Durga (thy name) day and nifht. I have filed my <plaint (in thy court, before th«e).
my mother, and here do I stand with joined palms (praying: for just lot). Wh<>n wilt
thou hear my case and relieve me from my misfortune ? How can I art^uc ray t-ase ? I
have no intelligence in me; but my only hope is the word of Hiva— which also agrees
with what the Vedas and the Agamas say (i.e,, that Durpl will listen to prayer
and grant relief). Prasad says— From feax of the God of Death 1 wish that I could
run away (from Ms reach). Mayst thou ordain that I shall ilU; on tiio banks of the
Jahnan (Ganges) uttering the name of Durga in the last moment, (and so by attaining
salvation be beyond the reach of the God of Death).

[No. BJ                                                      ~

INDO-ARYAN FAMILY.                        (EASTERN GROUP.)

STANDABD ConoQmt, DIALECT.                                               {Howiuu

Tftr c*rl*fc'r?tt»fr

TOR cm,


Bal,     ma     Tara,      dsrai         kdtha?
Say,   mther   Tard,   »tm^l(.8uil}  where?